Nathalie & Yves Engagement Session

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones

Nathalie and Yves aka Junior met at North Miami High School back in 1996. Junior would wait for her in the hallway in between periods. Until she finally gave in and gave him a chance, and they began to date. They have known each other for over 20 years. And while they haven’t been a couple for all of that time, fate brought them back together and in March 2018 Junior proposed and now they are planning the rest of their lives together. As a couple they love to to laugh, travel, and they are foodies. But most important for them is that they love having their families around for gatherings.

The love they have for each other is pure and never ending. When asked to describe each other Junior describes his bride to be as beautiful, ambitious, family oriented, adventurous and driven. Natalie says that her groom to be is handsome, funny, energetic, a great cook and a loving person.

We did their engagement photoshoot at the Ancient Spanish Monastery, Miami, a favorite location of mine to shoot. There are so many great areas within the grounds that make it a dream location for any photographer.

They smiled, they danced, they laughed, they are so smitten with each other I barely had to give them any direction at all. For two people who have known each other as long as they have, it is obvious that they know each other so well. There is so much love and admiration between them and that really comes across in the photos. It’s what I live for as a photographer! Documenting the stories, the relationship and the love between two people as it really is! Telling their own story that is true to them.

Thank you Nathalie and Yves for asking me to capture your love story! I wish you all the happiness in the world as you plan your future. Cant wait for you're wedding in June!


Shayna & Benjamin Engagement Session

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Your love paints a beautiful picture of what love really means.” – Anonymous

Shayna and Benjamin met through a mutual friend. When asked how they would describe each other.... Benjamin says that Shayna is beautiful, strong, selfless, kind and incredible! Shayna says that Benjamin is generous, loving, hilarious, intelligent and caring. They got engaged on December 22nd 2018 at Gulfside City Park Beach (Algiers) in Sanibel Island, FL. Benjamin got down on one knee and popped the question! It was perfect. The next chapter on their adventure together.

When they said they wanted to have their engagement photos at Ellie's Diner, I knew it was going to be a really fun shoot. When you walk into Ellie's Diner, it’s like you’re transported right back into the 1950’s! If you have never been to Ellie’s, I definitely recommend it. It’s like being on the set of Happy Days. And when I saw Shayna and Benjamin in their amazing outfits they fit right in.

This is definitely up there with my top favourite shoots! The colours, the backdrop, their outfits and how loved up these two are! They danced, smooched and had a sundae, all the things you normally do at a diner! (Normally you don’t have a photographer with you but anyways!) Lots of giggles and looks of love, these two were great to photograph. They were up for any and all of my ideas and had great ones of their own! As you can see for yourself, from their heads right down to their toes, they look like they have been beamed right out of the 50s! And with a nod to the gorgeous Disney movie UP, with their Grape Soda pin badges! Aren’t they just the cutest thing ever!


Gabriela & Michael Engagement Session

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.” I always say when your comfortable, it makes for really great photographs.  So what better   place to feel comfortable and get crazy amazing engagement photos than to have your engagement photoshoot in your home. That's what Gaby and Michael decided to do and you are in for a treat.  These guys are beyond cute and their little french bulldog, (name), almost stole the show with his adorable Christmas jumper.  Gaby and Kevin met at her sister's wedding and romance blossomed from there. Gabriela says  about the proposal  "This year, we went for a road trip through Arizona. We made a pit stop in Scottsdale, where Michael requested we climb Camelback mountain again. When we got a nice landing, we sat to watch the sunset. He told me he wanted to spend his life with me, read me a letter he had written to my mom , and then proposed. It was so beautiful.”  “She is the love of my life” says Michael.  These guys were so much fun to shoot.  So relaxed, so fun and so ridiculously smitten with each other.  Check out the photos and see for yourself how absolutely crazy cute these guys are.  As it was coming up to Christmas we went for a cozy theme shoot.  Guest starring their other family member, their gorgeous dog.  This soon to be Mr and Mrs are so relaxed and so in love and we really had so much fun at the shoot.  They were so comfortable in front of the camera, really showing their personalities with a little silliness included and it made for amazing photos.  Check out the photographs to see for yourself.


Lorelei & James Engagement Session

Lorelei & James were in downtown Miami for an LCD Soundsystem concert, on a perfect October night, As they walked to the venue, he stopped, told her how much he loved her, got down on one knee, and proposed. It was incredibly sweet and he nailed it with her stunning sapphire engagement ring! Of course she said yes. James and Lorelei met on a dating app and it turned into a lifelong love!. They bonded over many things and one of those was a love of food. In their own words they call themselves “Champion Eaters”. When I asked them to describe each other in 5 words I genuinely teared up. Lorelei said strong, intelligent, well spoken, kind, and hilarious. James said articulate, graceful, wise, hilarious, and The One. If this is not a match made in Heaven then I don’t know what is.

They rock up to the shoot at Miami Beach looking how any engaged couple should, happy, stylish and full of mischief. It is a beautiful thing to document the love between two people. I could sense that James and Lorelei were going to be so much fun to shoot and they did not disappoint. It is crystal clear from the outset that these guys are smitten and as I spend more time with them, I can’t help but be excited for they're wedding photography in December. I love their style, how they snuggle and fit perfectly, the easy loving way they both look at each other.

Being a Miami based wedding photographer I never tire of the amazing locations available for shoots. As we walked through Española Way & Southpoint Park they are natural and very comfortable in front of the camera. The light was dreamy and as we made it to the beach they had nailed all the shots. Throughout the shoot they were laughing and smiling. (Making my job a dream.) Their genuine affection comes across beautiful and effortless in every shot. If you don't believe me then check out the photos for yourself.

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Victoria & Juan Engagement Session

My goal is always to give my couples a memorable experience by providing natural, fun, unique and nontraditional images that represent them as a couple. They met at Victoria's parents house. On their one year anniversary Juan planned something special. He had prepared a game for her; he spread some clues that lead to each other with beautiful messages and memories. The last one, lead to her Dad who drove to an undisclosed location, when she walked in Juan was singing a song he wrote her for her birthday. After the song he got down on one knee and proposed to a cheering group of family & friends. It was the sweetest thing. Juan and Victoria arrive to the shoot, bursting with energy and fun. It doesn’t take them long to get relaxed in front of the camera and what you see here is the results of an amazing shoot at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. We picked a few locations in the park and ended the shoot at the beach. As a self confessed clumsy person (Victoria), going out of a rowboat to get some photos could have ended in disaster. Thankfully it was the exact opposite and the photos came out amazing, with no one ending up in the water! Getting to document the love between two people, will never get old for me. It’s about telling their story, in their way, I am just there to capture every bit of it.

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Nichole & Lovel Engagement Session

One of the best things about my job is that I do not encounter the same day twice. And that’s just how I like it. New people, new places and so much more in between. It definitely keeps it interesting. When it comes to shooting engagement sessions it never ceases to amaze me, how you can tell people are made for each other! Just to look at two people and think “wow, they are perfect together!” Whether it’s the way they look at each other, the subtle ways they find to always touch each other or the way the bounce off each other with wit and fun. Nichole & Lovel are all those things and more! Nichole describes him as giving, considerate, sensitive, silly, and patient. And Lovel describes her as beautiful, funny, smart, caring, intriguing. They met when a friend of Nichole’s was introducing her to a group of her friends and in walks Lovel. They hit it off straight away and knew they wanted to get to know each other more. The rest, as they say, is history! They have been together and apart for a total of 25 years! Crazy in love is how you would describe it. We did their engagement shoot at a beautiful enchanted park in Davie with so many locations to choose from. It truly is a wondrous place to explore. The light on the day made my job a dream. And just as I suspected it was so much fun. As Nichole says “He’s stuck with me!” And he couldn’t be happier about it. Nichole and Lovel, thank you for letting me capture your true love, I wish you nothing but the best for your life that lies ahead.

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Kevin & Aaron Engagement Session

Kevin & Aaron wanted to have their engagement shoot at the stunning Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, a stunning villa in the heart of Miami and who am I to object.  The grounds, the background, the bounce light…. Anyway enough daydreaming.  These two were so much to work with.  Adorable, funny and so in love.  Kevin and Aaron first met at work. Shy at first it took some time for them to have a conversation beyond the few words exchanged in the hall.  But once they started talking, that was it.  They were both smitten. In Aaron's own words, they complete each other. When one has a great idea, the other immediately starts doing research to make it happen. But Kevin kept one idea to himself and did all the research and planning solo.  He pulled out all the stops when it came to the proposal.  Proposing on Aaron's birthday over dessert at the gorgeous Anson 11 restaurant. Aaron had told him he didn’t want him to spend alot, to which Kevin replied "I know you didn't want me to spend a lot of money tonight but I don't see it as spending a lot of money- I see it as spending the rest of my life with you". and then the waiter presented me with dessert plate which had "Will you marry me"  Amidst the tears Aaron said yes and that is why we are here in the amazing Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, for their amazing engagement shoot!

I love it when a couple are so relaxed with each other that all I have to do is give a little direction and they do the rest.  I just have be there to capture every single romantic, giggling and fun moment!  This location is a dream to shoot in.  So many picturesque areas that you would never run out of new places to shoot amazing photographs.  Thank you Kevin and Aaron for letting me capture the love you two have and for allowing me help you mark this occasion with you. 


Bret & Ryan Engagement Session

Bret and Ryan had their first date in Wynwood, FL back in October of 2016. They were both new to South Florida and didn't know many people at the time. Their 1st date was at the Wynwood Walls where they spent most fun day exploring the beautiful walls of Miami's art district. While a lot of first dates end soon after the check arrives, they decided to extend their time together and wander around from sight to sight because they both realized that there was a chemistry between them. They eventually found themselves at the top of the Wynwood Arcade, where they share their first kiss. You could say the writing was on the wall. So they knew that they had to return to Wynwood Walls for engagement photos to capture their love for each other and from the place where it all began.  I cannot express how much I love these two! From the moment I met Bret & Ryan at our coffee date at Starbucks I knew they were special. I had the honor of capturing their love story. The chemistry between Bret and Ryan is so special.  They are truly best friends! Oh! And their furry baby Alfie was part of the love story too and you will see him again at the wedding has the ring bearer!

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