Gloria & German Engagement Session

*singing* It’s the final countdown… to my preview of Gloria and German’s recent engagement session! And in case you couldn’t tell from the pictures I’m about to show you, these two lovebirds are ALL about Soccer and Rustic. Can you guess how they spend their Saturday nights in the soccer season? That’s right – tailgating, chowing down on soccer themed finger foods with friends, and cheering for their favorite soccer teams. Naturally, she wore a soccer jersey and a rustic outfit to fit their wedding theme, he wore the same outfits and we headed to Amelia Earhart Park - Miami-Dade County in FL. 

I asked Gloria how she met German and your going to laugh and say awww! Gloria said, “Every Monday we would play soccer with a group of friends at a local park. We met through soccer and hated each other at first but after we got to know each other, we fell in love.” 

The big day is right around the corner and I think I might have a couple good gift ideas for anyone who’s shopping for these two. A pair of tickets to their favorite soccer games? A signed jersey they can frame and hang in the house? A gift card to a local sports bar? or a sport themed dish towels? I’m too good at this…

Good luck on the big day, you two! I know it’ll be a blast for you and your guests!


Jillian & Robert Engagement Session

You know what I’m afraid of? my camera not working, my local Starbucks closing shop, and zombie movies. You know what I’m NOT afraid of? PDA. In fact, I am all about it, especially when I’m photographing a gorgeous and super in-love couple like Jillian and Robert, who were constantly stealing kisses and wrapping themselves up in each other throughout our engagement session!

Our shoot started at Tree Tops Park a very intimate location. I love that I didn’t have to prompt them at all to lean in and get close, either. Can’t you feel that passion and heat through your screen? HOT HOT MUY CALIENTE!

I asked these two about their love story, and Jillian told me…

We met at the gym in November 2017, prior to that I had noticed Rob because he worked there. Every week when I went to Zumba class I would get excited to see him but never had the guts to go and talk to him. A friend of Jill's was a bit bolder than I am and went right up to him after class and told him she “lost her wallet" and to tell me if he finds it as she ran out the door. After we were introduced, Rob was smitten. He tried to play it cool by asking simple questions and the conversation ended organically. After I left, Rob told his co-worker that he just met his wife.

DANG! that is what I call serendipity!  Congratulations on getting hitch in the coming months, Jillian and Robert. May you forever have a relationship filled with passion and love!  



Jennyffer & José Engagement Session

You don’t have to ask me twice to head to the airport called Signature Flight Support PBI and the beach my happy places for an engagement shoot! That’s where I photographed Jennyfer and Jose, and it was an absolute dream session in every way.  Jennyfer & Jose wore matching outfits that said Mr. & Mrs. and used a vintage letter J marquee because they are known as the “J’s” their 2nd outfit change Jennifer wore the most beautiful flowing floral printed dress that she look absolutely incredible in, and Jose looked so handsome in his suit which blended into the scenery perfectly!

They also wanted to do sunset pictures so we headed to the shore at around 5:00 pm just when the sun was setting which made the light especially golden, soft and rich, and the Coral Cove Park waters a deep blue rich turquoise that appears shimmery

I love hearing couples love story! So when I first met them over a cup of coffee at Starbucks they shared with me how they met and it went a little something like this…

Our love story began on August, 2016 when we, fortunately, encountered our profiles on an online dating site... yes, we did!!!. After exchanging few texts, we agreed to meet in person... literally three (3) days after the first text. We met after work at The Pub. Jose was sitting at the bar, waiting... (could you guess which J was pretty anxious?)  then I arrived, and we really felt at ease after our introduction. At some point, early in the conversation, we said: "I am from Venezuela, and I am from Puerto Rico"... from that moment, we knew that we would get along like "Arepa con Bacalao" (a Puerto Rican song that fuses two (2) distinctive dishes from our countries "Borinquezolano style") Time flew that night, we were talking & laughing for hours, the chemistry was definitely there between us. Then, the time to say goodbye came, it was there when I knew, and He knew that we needed to see each other again very soon... and the rest, as they say, (no matter how cheesy it is)  is history!! 

Every time I read their love story it put’s a smile on my face. For they're wedding day in October these two lovebirds are heading to St. Raymond Church for their ceremony and then La Jolla Ballroom for the reception. I have no doubts that it’s going to be a beautiful day full of sunshine, love and joy!