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Ashley & Alexandra Bridal Portrait Session

Ashley & Alexandra had been friends for years, meeting through mutual friends while working at Walt Disney World back in 2011. Alex had to return to Canada to finish her Bachelor's degree, but spent a few summers or semesters throughout that time in Orlando working for various roles at Disney World. She couldn't stay away so decided to return to Florida in 2016 to earn her MBA. They immediately began to spend all of their free time together. Friendship quickly grew into something more. After nights out with friends, they would just stay behind and talk for hours learning about each other's lives and interests and feelings about life and the world.

Christmas is their favorite time of year. Alex surprised Ashley (BACK IN JUNE 2017), with reservation plans for dine in the Queen Victoria Room at Victoria and Albert's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort on Saturday night, Dec. 23rd. She was finishing up her MBA in the fall semester leading up to that holiday season. Their hearts actually broke in half when they learned towards the end of the semester that her request to extend her Visa to stay in the US had been denied following her graduation. She was the person she had always been looking for, and when she fell in love with her it felt like Ashley had finally found a missing piece of herself. Ashley knew she couldn't lose Alexandra because of some stupid border stipulations, and planned a surprise proposal for the night of their big holiday meal. The plans for her regular Christmas gift went out the window, and Ashley found herself shopping for a diamond ring the week before Christmas.

The meal was amazing, 10 courses of the best food they ever had in there lives surrounded by the most opulent setting they could imagine. Following the meal, they had reservations for a horse-drawn carriage ride around the grounds of Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort to look at even more holiday decorations. They were tucked in under blankets in the back of the horse drawn carriage and Ashley told Alexandra she had a surprise for her, took small wrapped box out of her handbag, and proposed there in the back of the "sleigh." It was so dark they had to use the light of her phone to help her see the ring. 

Ashley & Alexandra waited until they had members of both our families in town (her parents live in Florida for the winter, and her sister and brother-in-law are frequent visitors to Disney World), and along with two of their best friends, went to the Orlando County Courthouse in the morning on Feb. 2, 2018 and got married. 

It was a beautiful day (impromptu pics at Lake Eola, lunch at DoveCote, and the two of them happened to have Lana del Rey tickets that night!), but they never had the time to plan a traditional wedding or get the dresses and flowers they loved. They are so excited to be having a special wedding shoot to document their love at the beautiful Ringling and formally announce their marriage to loved ones and friends.


Kevin & Aaron Engagement Session

Kevin & Aaron wanted to have their engagement shoot at the stunning Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, a stunning villa in the heart of Miami and who am I to object.  The grounds, the background, the bounce light…. Anyway enough daydreaming.  These two were so much to work with.  Adorable, funny and so in love.  Kevin and Aaron first met at work. Shy at first it took some time for them to have a conversation beyond the few words exchanged in the hall.  But once they started talking, that was it.  They were both smitten. In Aaron's own words, they complete each other. When one has a great idea, the other immediately starts doing research to make it happen. But Kevin kept one idea to himself and did all the research and planning solo.  He pulled out all the stops when it came to the proposal.  Proposing on Aaron's birthday over dessert at the gorgeous Anson 11 restaurant. Aaron had told him he didn’t want him to spend alot, to which Kevin replied "I know you didn't want me to spend a lot of money tonight but I don't see it as spending a lot of money- I see it as spending the rest of my life with you". and then the waiter presented me with dessert plate which had "Will you marry me"  Amidst the tears Aaron said yes and that is why we are here in the amazing Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, for their amazing engagement shoot!

I love it when a couple are so relaxed with each other that all I have to do is give a little direction and they do the rest.  I just have be there to capture every single romantic, giggling and fun moment!  This location is a dream to shoot in.  So many picturesque areas that you would never run out of new places to shoot amazing photographs.  Thank you Kevin and Aaron for letting me capture the love you two have and for allowing me help you mark this occasion with you. 


Bret & Ryan Engagement Session

Bret and Ryan had their first date in Wynwood, FL back in October of 2016. They were both new to South Florida and didn't know many people at the time. Their 1st date was at the Wynwood Walls where they spent most fun day exploring the beautiful walls of Miami's art district. While a lot of first dates end soon after the check arrives, they decided to extend their time together and wander around from sight to sight because they both realized that there was a chemistry between them. They eventually found themselves at the top of the Wynwood Arcade, where they share their first kiss. You could say the writing was on the wall. So they knew that they had to return to Wynwood Walls for engagement photos to capture their love for each other and from the place where it all began.  I cannot express how much I love these two! From the moment I met Bret & Ryan at our coffee date at Starbucks I knew they were special. I had the honor of capturing their love story. The chemistry between Bret and Ryan is so special.  They are truly best friends! Oh! And their furry baby Alfie was part of the love story too and you will see him again at the wedding has the ring bearer!

Bret & Ryan Engagement Session was featured on Love Inc, Equally Wed