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Patricia & Kevin Engagement Session

Hello friends, meet Patricia & Kevin, when I first met them at our photography consultation I knew at that very moment we were a good fit! I asked them a series of question but my favorite question I love to ask my couples is how they met... it never fails when a couple talks about their love story there is always a twinkle in their eyes and a huge grin from ear to ear. So here is Patricia & Kevin love story; They met through a co-worker at Kevin's job. The co-worker happened to be her best friends sister. She sent her a message asking if she wanted to meet someone and sent her his number. They went on their first date and you know how the saying goes " The rest is history" I remember Patricia telling me "We both truly believe God sent us to each other. We were both single a very long time... Praying for our soulmate. When we met and got to know each other we both knew we were blessed to find one another. He's everything she needed and she's everything he needed. Real Love is truly is all in God's time." 


Jennyffer & José Engagement Session

You don’t have to ask me twice to head to the airport called Signature Flight Support PBI and the beach my happy places for an engagement shoot! That’s where I photographed Jennyfer and Jose, and it was an absolute dream session in every way.  Jennyfer & Jose wore matching outfits that said Mr. & Mrs. and used a vintage letter J marquee because they are known as the “J’s” their 2nd outfit change Jennifer wore the most beautiful flowing floral printed dress that she look absolutely incredible in, and Jose looked so handsome in his suit which blended into the scenery perfectly!

They also wanted to do sunset pictures so we headed to the shore at around 5:00 pm just when the sun was setting which made the light especially golden, soft and rich, and the Coral Cove Park waters a deep blue rich turquoise that appears shimmery

I love hearing couples love story! So when I first met them over a cup of coffee at Starbucks they shared with me how they met and it went a little something like this…

Our love story began on August, 2016 when we, fortunately, encountered our profiles on an online dating site... yes, we did!!!. After exchanging few texts, we agreed to meet in person... literally three (3) days after the first text. We met after work at The Pub. Jose was sitting at the bar, waiting... (could you guess which J was pretty anxious?)  then I arrived, and we really felt at ease after our introduction. At some point, early in the conversation, we said: "I am from Venezuela, and I am from Puerto Rico"... from that moment, we knew that we would get along like "Arepa con Bacalao" (a Puerto Rican song that fuses two (2) distinctive dishes from our countries "Borinquezolano style") Time flew that night, we were talking & laughing for hours, the chemistry was definitely there between us. Then, the time to say goodbye came, it was there when I knew, and He knew that we needed to see each other again very soon... and the rest, as they say, (no matter how cheesy it is)  is history!! 

Every time I read their love story it put’s a smile on my face. For they're wedding day in October these two lovebirds are heading to St. Raymond Church for their ceremony and then La Jolla Ballroom for the reception. I have no doubts that it’s going to be a beautiful day full of sunshine, love and joy! 



Cassidy & William Engagement Session

In my 5 years as a photographer, I’ve been extremely lucky to get to work with all kinds of amazing human beings. As you’d expect, every couple is different from the next. Some are all about the PDA, some are all about keeping it sweet and romantic, and some people… well, some people are just downright hysterical!  Meet Cassidy and William, two of the goofiest & madly in love couple I’ve worked with in a really long time. The session took place at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, FL, which was a great backdrop for our the two of hours together. 

The entire time these two were cracking jokes and being playful, and I was there to catch it all on camera. I thought it was particularly funny when I told William to pose and he did the prom pose with Cassidy. Ha! 

I asked Cassidy & William to share their love story with me and this is what they said…

We originally met in high school, but we’re both dating other people. We reconnected again, the first time, through social media, Instagram. It was pretty much a fairytale and I think we both figured it was too good to be true. We however THANKFULLY reconnected again through Instagram and have been inseparable ever since. This past August we traveled to Germany, Northern Ireland and France. My first time outside the US ! He proposed at the Giant’s Causeway, in Northern Ireland, which is amazingly beautiful and forever will be one of my favorite places in the world. 

These two are officially tying the knot on October 18, 2018  at Secret Gardens of Miami,  its is going to be a very beautiful and unique wedding because the theme is Harry Potter! I can not wait to capture their love story. So wish them lots of luck! But really, with a relationship as lighthearted and fun as this one, I don’t think they’ll need any luck at all! 

P.S. There engagement session was also feature on Voyage MIA Magazine