Brittany & Travis Engagement Session at Coral Castle

I would like you guys to meet Brittany, Travis and Weebey! I had so much fun with these three. Brittany and Travis decided on Coral Castle and Robert is Here as the location for their engagement shoot! The grounds of Coral Castle Museum consist of stones in the form of walls, carvings, furniture and a castle tower. It is a great location for a shoot. And, well, Robert is here is the Disneyland of fruit stalls and an institution at this stage. Travis and Brittany met while they worked together in The Yard House in Boca. While both their stories differ a little as to how their spark started, they is no denying the chemistry between these too. These guys were super stars for the shoot and the guest star, Weebey, nearly stole the show with his absolute cuteness. Travis proposed to Britt at our apartment.

Weebey being a key player in the ruse to get her to come into the room, where he drops on one and sees the biggest smile that anyone has ever seen, creep across Brittneys face! He told her she is his world and asked her to spend the rest of with him. Then he whisked her off to dinner and then off to New Orleans for a truly magical weekend of celebrations. One of my Brittany’s favourite things about Travis is his sense of humor. He can always get her laughing about something. Cue lots of smiles and giggles on their engagement shoot. Travis loves that Brittany is such an explorer, always looking to find or learn something new. Since they started dating, they have been to 7 countries outside the US together, and 3 more separately. They have also been to 11 states together. I can only imagine the amazing adventures they are going to have in the future.

They are off to a great start. We love to go exploring new places , and one of our favorite things to do as a couple is to hit the road and go camping . We once took 3 weeks off to road trip from Florida to New York. Our dog Weebey is an important part of the family, so it was only right that he featured in their engagement photos. Such a fun shoot! Thank you Brittany, Travis and Weebey for letting me capture such be moments with you guys.

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